Tuesday, December 4

Make your own LifeMap from your eBird Data

In about 10-20 minutes, depending on your proficiency with technology, you can put together a map showing your worldwide travel routes based on your eBird data. This is awesome for travelogues, date error detection in data cleanup, and quite frankly, it's cause for a good sense of personal satisfaction.

My eBird Record of 2 Weeks in Europe

Tuesday, July 17

Tutorial: Embed eBird Rarities Data on your Website

If you're a web-developer, programmer, website owner, or blogger, you may wish to embed eBird Data on your website. What are the advantages?
  • Fast download time, much faster than a Google Gadget
  • Flexible design, so you can customize it so it blends into your website
  • You can write your code in JavaScript, an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use programming language
In this post I'll walk you through a code designed to display recent rarities in your area. All you need is a little tech-savviness, a website, and an hour or two.

Using eBird APIs, a set of XML databases containing recent bird observations, we'll output the latest rarities in a region and give it a little formatting. In the end, your result should look something like this:

Friday, July 13

Embed Google Maps in eBird Checklist Comments!

View Checklist:  S10505942
How often haven't you bawled over a listserv post when you couldn't describe the location of the bird you saw? Finally you decided to just send everybody a set of latitude-longitude coordinates. Even then, to make sense of those numbers, your readers had to go plug them into Google Maps.

But technology is better than that. Just embed that Google Map into your eBird comment! Why not? It's easy, fast, and beautiful!

I've built an automated code generator below which spits out an image code you can copy into your eBird comments. You can now have a Google Map embedded in your checklists comments in less than 1 minute. It will look just like the checklist on the right.

Tuesday, July 10

Introducing BirdTrax

Finally the exciting Checklist Lists have arrived! Check it out live and embed it on your website. This BirdTrax gadget marks an important turn in the accessibility of eBird data to birding websites.
     BirdTrax is intended to overtake the old eBird Recent Sightings Gadget, though it is released separately. New in this release is the checklist functionality, and the ability to view sightings, rarities, and checklists for your county and state in addition to just the circular area surrounding a point.

Visit the BirdTrax Page for Information

So, swap your web gadgets today and take advantage of the latest features!

Embed on Website