Tuesday, July 10

Introducing BirdTrax

Finally the exciting Checklist Lists have arrived! Check it out live and embed it on your website. This BirdTrax gadget marks an important turn in the accessibility of eBird data to birding websites.
     BirdTrax is intended to overtake the old eBird Recent Sightings Gadget, though it is released separately. New in this release is the checklist functionality, and the ability to view sightings, rarities, and checklists for your county and state in addition to just the circular area surrounding a point.

Visit the BirdTrax Page for Information

So, swap your web gadgets today and take advantage of the latest features!

Embed on Website


  1. I have just installed Bird Trax on my blog site. How long does it take to download information? It has been 30 minutes now and it still shows download initializing and nothing has appeared yet? Jacques

    1. Jacques, something isn't working. Email me at support@birdventurebirding.com with your code and I'll check it out. Zach


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