Thursday, September 13

Update on BirdTrax

BirdTrax, now a famous little Google Gadget with over 1,250,000 views, has a constantly increasing popularity. It's handy little checklist feature has really taken the fancy of many birders all over the world. Birders can see who goes birding in their area.

I'm very excited to see so many birders enjoying this handy tool. The BirdTrax Google Gadget is, and will always, remain free.

But BirdTrax should be more than just a Google Gadget. Eventually, as resources allow, BirdTrax may be migrated to more modern platforms and marketplaces. At least, this is my hope. At the present, development is in the doldrums. When I get a chance, I'll jump on it and create a cutting-edge application for the most modern interface. Until then, enjoy this gadget!


  1. I really enjoy seeing who's been birding in my local patches and what birds I've missed. It encourages me to get out birding more.

  2. Great Chuck! This is exactly what inspires me to keep programming this thing!


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