Friday, January 4

BirdTrax Website Embedder

Here's a simple tool to help you embed BirdTrax on your website. Fill in the information below, then click "Get Code!" to copy the code you need to paste on your website to place the gadget. If you encounter any issues, please comment or email me.

Radius: km (50 max)
Days Back: days (30 max)
Location Name:
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  1. I find this widget very helpful because setting it to a 50km radius circle I can get sightings and checklists which cross county lines. The widget gives me data over the entire region over which I am willing to travel to see interesting birds.

  2. I managed to get at least a version of the gadget up on my site at, but it doesn't allow you to scroll down the species list. Thanks for your help.

    1. Richard, when embedding your gadget on sites, in the properties box you need navigate to the display section at the bottom and check the box "include a scrollbar on gadget when necessary". This should do it! Zach

  3. Zachary - I'm not seeing the option you mention in your comment, but I'm not missing a navigation bar either: . I do see Richard's issue when visiting his site. Is this something unique to Google Sites?
    Also, can you tell me when the eBird gadget was retired? It seems that BirdTrax was substituted without any notice (at least I can't find any mention of that). We had some local commentary about both gadgets on our site. It's nice to have BirdTrax but there can be IE issues and some of our IE (older versions) visitors may now be having problems. Thanks!

    1. Steve, the old sightings gadget was full of deprecated terminology and I wasn't prepared for a rewrite. Also, it was hosted through old Google servers which disappeared with iGoogle. While I did transfer BirdTrax (with a lot of hassle), there was very little use of the sightings gadget (e.g. ~250 users compared to 50,000 on BirdTrax). This motivated my decision to stop maintaining the recent sightings gadget and I will take down documentation shortly. I know the IE issue is a problem and I do hope to address it entirely in future applications, though BirdTrax is how it is. Also, the scrolling feature is unique to the platform on which the gadget is embedded--blogger, google sites, wordpress, etc. all have their own ways of allowing you to display a scrollbar. I don't think Richard has changed his settings yet, but once he does it will show a scrollbar as well.

    2. Thank you for your detailed reply - very helpful to me in case I should use one of those platforms. The eBird gadget was very useful in its time - just surprised to see it was gone. I'm pretty sure it disappeared only in the last week or so for me. FYI - there is a broken graphic in the bottom left corner of the BT content (birdtrax.xml).
      And of course, thanks for your continued great work on BirdTrax!!!

  4. Hello. Our BirdTrax gadget has disappeared from our WordPress website. ( I have completed the information above, retrieved the code, copied onto our webpage but it is just displaying the actual code, not the sightings table we are used to seeing. Can you help? Thanks - Barb Rodriguez

    1. Barb, I'm sure this issue can be fixed. Send me the code you are using at I suspect something is happening to the HTML tags (< and >)

  5. I want to add this gadget to my blog site and have successfully done so. Except it also displays comments which I hope can be inactivated. Is this possible?

    1. Ken, yes I will get the checklist tab notification removed at my first opportunity. Zach


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