Friday, January 4

BirdTrax Website Embedder

Here's a simple tool to help you embed BirdTrax on your website. Fill in the information below, then click "Get Code!" to copy the code you need to paste on your website to place the gadget. If you encounter any issues, please comment or email me.

Radius: km (50 max)
Days Back: days (30 max)
Location Name:
Default Mode:
Default View:
Show spuhs?
Hide picture?
Hide Navigation Menu?
List Action:
Species List:
Gadget Height: px
Gadget Width: px
Border:Width: px    Color:

1 comment:

  1. I find this widget very helpful because setting it to a 50km radius circle I can get sightings and checklists which cross county lines. The widget gives me data over the entire region over which I am willing to travel to see interesting birds.


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