Saturday, January 18

BirdTrax Running Again!

BirdTrax is up and running again after a two-day outage. Thanks for your patience in the meantime! There were so many error reports that it was difficult to keep track of all of them, and I apologize for any inconvenience. In the meantime, please feel free to contact me if you are still having issues. Thanks for your patience! Zach


  1. I noticed that this seemed to be up on a friend's blog, even though on my laptop (both with Chrome and IE) the output is blank, just saying 'loading rarities' but when I access my google sites page on my iphone, it works!?

  2. Same experience as above: I can see BirdTrax working on some sites but not on ours as off a few days ago.

    Pasted in code from a working site under our code and tried changing things variable by variable.

    As odd it might sounds, I got our BirdTrax working again by changing the variable that allows some species not to be shown in the results.
    how we had it:
    options from site where BirdTrax works::

  3. Ignore above.....apparently just freaky timing because I changed back this variable to double check and all seems well now regardless of above variable. (suspected that was too odd to be a factor...)

  4. Not working on our site yet. Still an eBird issue, or is it BirdTrax?

  5. This is still an eBird issue. When I try to load the APIs that BirdTrax is requesting (which worked a few days ago), the eBird website loads the page indicating a maintenance error. Let's hope Team eBird can get this fixed soon!

  6. Thanks, Zachary. I should have prefaced my question/comment with 'this app is awesome'.

  7. Great tool!
    Have you thought of adding functionality to restrict it to a particular hotspot (in addition to lat/long, county, country, etc)? i.e., from this API endpoint: This would be handy when putting the tool on an organization's page (like a nature sanctuary).

    1. Hi again, another nice feature would be to be able to use values <1km for search radius...

    2. It could be possible from a programming standpoint to restrict BirdTrax to a particular hotspot, but I haven't prioritized this functionality above more exciting and novel ones on my list because there is a trick you can use. Simply find the exact lat-lng of the hotspot and enter a radius of 1km. You should get only checklists within that hotspot (or very close to it). My guess is that this radius is not small enough for you based on your second comment. Unfortunately, the radius number must be an integer because the eBird database sourced by BirdTrax will not process non-integer values. This is all I can say at the present--these ideas work for most people and situations, but I know it's not perfect. Zach

    3. Hi Zach, you're right on all counts - for the location I'm working on there are several personal locations within 1km of the hotspot, so I was hoping to exclude those... but it's not a big deal.



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