Monday, March 31

A Tool to Identify Nemesis Birds!

Finally here's a simple application which will identify your nemesis birds and tell you just how likely you are to find one! Using eBird histogram data for a given area, the birds you haven't seen are displayed alongside the percentage of checklists reporting that species (sorted by probability of sighting). Simply download the histogram data, download your list, and upload them both to this program.

You can download the program at this link:

Needs List Generator

By the way, please realize this is just a really rough draft application that is not error-free. I just whipped it up in the last hour or so and I'm putting it out there to share my work, I don't intend to put in more time or manage bugs. However, I do expect it will work well for you!

Also, stay tuned. The next little thing is going to be a personal location/hotspot check tool. This will facilitate the laborious process of getting your personal locations merged to hotspots.


  1. A very good idea. However, eBird beat you to it! They are developing this as a new eBird tool, called Targets. Hopefully it goes public soon, but it works in much the same way and allows you to restrict to county, state, etc and month.

    1. That's great! I have caught some wind of this, but I wanted that tool NOW! Looking forward to seeing "Targets" it hit the news! Do you know if they are also working on a Personal Locations vs. Hotspots alignment tool?


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