Wednesday, August 6

Find those eBird Personal Locations that should be merged with Hotspots!!

eBird should totally, totally develop a tool that allows users to detect whether their personal locations are very near hotspots (or should be merged with the hotspot). Maybe they are working on that, but in the meantime here's a little app to help you clean up your locations and get your name on more Hotspot Explorer pages :)

Hotspot Alignment Tool

To use this program, download your eBird data (the link is in the My eBird page on the right toolbar), then upload that file directly to the page.

This is just a primitive idea of what a tool like this really ought to do, but I just wanted to share this little functionality with the eBirders out there in case it can be useful.


  1. Great tool, thanks! Found a bunch of personal locations that had hotspots and found a few more to suggest as hotspots.

  2. is this down? seems to not be processing the information

    1. Justin, it's still working for me! Make sure you have followed the directions exactly and it should work! Zach

  3. i did it exactly. this is the message i get...but nothing but that shows up. tried with firefox and chrome

    Successfully uploaded your data! Beginning to analyze.

    The hotspot alignment tool is now looping through each of your locations and checking for nearby hotspots. If applicable, the closest hotspot within 2km will be displayed next to your location name. The following is a list of results as they are generated. After fully loading they will be conveniently sorted by name matching algorithms and relevance. Single-word location names not matching the suggested hotspot at all (i.e. counties) will be eliminated. This process may take a few minutes.

  4. Yes, Justin. I tried again and it is down. It's no longer sending out data requests. I know this application is tough on the feedfetcher over at Cornell, so there's a good chance I won't fix this. I will either revise it a little bit after next week or remove the tool. Thanks for pointing this out!


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