Friday, October 16

Free Code! Display eBird API data on your website!

Since BirdTrax is not a hard-code solution, I've copied some of my "practice code" into JSFiddle to make data display on your website easier.  Here are three files so far, and I'll post as I make more:

Basic Sightings
This code very simply shows how to embed eBird data in your website in raw form.

Basic Sightings (more gourmet)
This code elaborates on Basic Sightings to create a more user-friendly output by doing a little bit of data processing.

Basic Rarities
This code does basically the same thing, just for a rarities API with a little more detail

Hope this helps!

Monday, September 7

Discontinuing BirdTrax Maintenance

Hello to the BirdTrax community,

I thought it would be about time to officially announce that I am discontinuing BirdTrax maintenance. BirdTrax will be going down on January 25, 2015. It's been a great gadget for tens of thousands of users for three years now, but an upgrade is on its way. Google keeps evolving and changing, and with it gadgets seem to be heading more and more towards the trash can. The gadget has been getting some rough edges, and it will be staying this way. I'm still happy to take a look at your codes and suggest fixes, but I won't be developing or maintaining further.

Good birding!
Zach DeBruine