Tuesday, November 29

Update your BirdTrax Gadget Codes

As of Nov. 28, Accubirder.com is down for good. Hosting expenses got in the way. This has been a no-profit no-frills and therefore also a low-cost-only enterprise, so until I manage to get some funding, the Accubirder website tools will unfortunately not be available.

The BirdTrax and the Accubirder gadgets are a different story, however. These gadgets were hosted on the Accubirder.com website, but I have moved them to Google storage for now, I'll see how that works for the next few months. I have updated the BirdTrax embedder for now, I am still thinking about how best to handle the Accubirder transition. I am trying to work out a long-term solution where finances are not an issue.

As a better alternative, if you own a website and have the ability to host your own gadget source files, feel free to send me an email at support@birdventurebirding.com and I'll send you the code for these gadgets with instructions on how to get the gadget running. That way you can rely on yourself for gadget up-time.


  1. 1/29/2017
    My Birdtrax app stopped working last night. It is on this page. When I tried reinstalling it on a new page, following the sites.google. com procedure, google replied the xml is not valid.
    Chuck Smart

    1. Change your ?url=.... parameter to http://tseep.com/birdtrax.xml. That's where it's hosted now and for the foreseeable future.

      More or less, I'm encouraging users to use eBird rather than birdtrax because google gadgets are just so much a thing of the past and you can find all the same information by bookmarking alerts on eBird or embedding iframes of eBird pages.

    2. I updated my site a couple of day ago and not it is not working again.


      Any suggestion?

    3. Update: I decided to open up a fundraising page to support the cost of maintaining the gadget. See the home page.


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