Use the eBirdGM code generator below to create a Google map to embed in your eBird checklist comment:
Embed Google Maps
in eBird Checklists
the Easy Way!

Marker A:  
Marker B:  
Marker C: More >
Zoom: Normal
Map Type:
Colors:Use Multiple Marker Colors 
Labels:Show Labels? 
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Tips on getting Latitude-Longitude Coordinates:
  1. Go to Google Maps
  2. Zoom in on your precise location (or search for it)
  3. Right-click exactly at that spot, and select "What's Here?"
  4. Copy the Latitude-Longitude coordinates that appear in the search box

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  1. Very cool! Here's a little feedback:
    1) Clicking the map takes me to google maps but it only shows location "A", not the rest of the locations.
    2) The default zoom is too tight for multiple locations. A little help bubble or text suggesting what to put there might be appreciated by some.
    3) A default "caption" template below the map would be awesome, and could remedy #1 above by including hyperlinks that would take you to a map in another browser window that shows A, B, C, ... on an interactive map. This could easily be edited anyone with very basic understanding of HTML.

    1. You're thinking the same way I am!
      1) Is it possible to show more than one location on a Google Map via requesting a simple URL? I couldn't find anything for this, but theoretically it should be simple to implement.
      2) True. I would like to incorporate intelligent distance detection between points, scaling the distances spanned in an 800x400px img, and adjusting the zoom automatically. But I don't have the time or resources to get this working.
      3) "Caption"... yeah. eBird has disabled ALL styling and scripting in comments. I can't set target="_blank" in a comment or eBird erases it when I save the changes. Or is this not what you meant? JavaScript-based maps require an HTML document, not just a static image which can be downloaded alone in a separate tab.

  2. Please include Guatemala in the country lists. It isn't listed, Can't use the gadgets

  3. Andres, I think you mean the BirdTrax gadget? Guatemala is on the list, but it is not in alphabetical order--it's towards the bottom. I apologize for this, and I'll fix it when I get a chance! Thanks for pointing this out!


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